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The Real Dirt on the Top-Rated Hand Vacuum

Let’s be real here: 99% of the time, cleaning absolutely sucks. We all moan and groan like little kids when we drop our food in the car, or when Fido sheds half his fur on our freshly mopped floors. I know that back when I was in college, after a long day of class, cleaning would be the last thing on my mind. Most of my “cleaning” consisted of picking up protein bar wrappers off the floor and using air fresheners to make sure my room wasn’t a health hazard to those passing by. I’d never use any

Buying Guide: AUX Cables

There are several different kinds of AUX cables, and it’s crucial that you purchase the right one in order for it to connect and work properly with your device.

Some AUX cables have different numbers of wires inside them, and this can ultimately affect their compatibility with certain devices and AUX jacks. The metal pin of an AUX cable has specialized conductors that help to transmit audio signals between your two connected devices. The number of wires inside an AUX cable will match the number

Troubleshooting Tips for your ionvac StainZero

Ensure that your portable spot cleaner is sufficiently charged. We recommend that you fully charge it before each cleaning session. Make sure that you only use the included power adapter to charge the handheld vacuum, as other adapters or charging cables may not work properly.

It’s crucial to set up the StainZero correctly, following all the steps listed in the User Guide exactly as written. Check that all components of the vacuum, especially its suction cover and Clean Water Tank, are properly

Buying Guide: Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

In order to find the best wireless earbuds to suit your needs, you should definitely do some research first. Pay attention to the features that wireless earbuds from the big brands (like Sony, Raycon, Bose, and Samsung) have to offer. Use these to evaluate a new pair of earbuds before you make that purchase.

In general, though, you should focus on sound quality, music playback time, charging time, design, controls, and portability, among other factors, when picking a pair of wireless earbuds. Y

Buying Guide: Power Stations

When you’re planning to purchase a power station, consider its Ideally, your new power station is a sturdy, reliable, and portable charging tool for all your small devices that consume a low amount of power. It should have a large battery capacity that can last a long time, recharge quickly, and provide consistent, lasting power for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more. Plus, it should be fairly quiet and have multiple ports for different kinds of devices, including USB, AC, DC, and several

Troubleshooting Tips for Your tzumi PowerDock 2-Outlet Surge Protector

Your PowerDock should turn on automatically once it is plugged in, and your devices should be powered instantly after being connected, since it does not have a power button. If this is not the case, it’s important to see if all parts of the surge protector are undamaged and not visibly malfunctioning. Check that the 5ft. power cable isn’t frayed, wet, torn, or damaged in some capacity, as this will cause the surge protector to not turn on. Ensure your chosen power source meets the input requirem

Buying Guide: Portable Power Banks

The best portable power bank depends on the types of devices that you wish to charge and keep powered throughout the day. No matter which device you plan to charge, though, your ideal portable power bank will have fast, streamlined power, and high-efficiency and versatile charging, all packed into an ultra-durable and compact design. Portable chargers that have 2 or more charging ports and a minimum power output of 5,000mAh are a good starting point. Those with long lifespans and high battery ca

Buying Guide: Magnetic Phone Holders

When looking for a new magnetic phone holder, you should consider its versatility (in terms of what phones it can hold, whether it can rotate, and where it can be placed), durability, size, and weight.

The best magnetic phone holders have a strong magnetic base and design that you can always rely on. You should look for one with a sturdy backing, preferably an adhesive one that easily sticks to any flat surface. It’s recommended that you search for a phone holder with an adjustable bracket, one

Troubleshooting Tips for your Fleximount Smartphone and Tablet Holder

If your device has a thick protective case or other accessories on it, then the Fleximount may have a tough time holding it. Check that your device doesn’t exceed the maximum length or weight limit of the Fleximount, as this can damage the phone and tablet holder, or cause your device to fall.

Make sure that your Fleximount isn’t wet, dirty, damaged, or visibly malfunctioning in any way. Gently wipe it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris from the product. A buildup

Buying Guide: Spiral Lights

The Atmospheres Spira LED Lamp is one of the most unique and stylish spiral lamps out there! Its creative crescent-shaped design subtly grabs the attention of family and friends that visit your home, or curious coworkers at the office. It can be used as a minimalist and innovative piece of décor for any indoor space, as well as an ultra-bright table or desk lamp. The Spira LED Lamp has an energy-saving 5W LED light bulb, with a 3000K color temperature that’ll light up your surrounding area with

Buying Guide: Coffee Mugs

One of the top-selling coffee mugs on Walmart right now would be our ionmug, and for good reason. It has a 4.3-star customer satisfaction rating from almost 600 customer reviews, proving that it is one of the smartest and most popular choices for anyone that needs a new mug. With a powerful charging coaster, this self-heating mug keeps your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other favorite drinks nice and hot all day long. With a compact, simple, and convenient design, the stainless-steel automatic

Buying Guide: Ring Lights

When buying a ring light for the first time, some of the most crucial things to consider are its: Ideally, your ring light should be one that has a great deal of versatility, with lots of ways to customize your lighting for the best ambiance possible. The more color temperature settings a ring light has, the more you’ll be able to adjust it to a level that fits the best with your skin tone and your chosen environment. Additionally, you want a ring light with lots of brightness settings, at least
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Hurry and Get These Exclusive Sales Clearance Savings!

Fall is upon us, and as the trees shed their remaining leaves, Tzumi is doing a HUGE clearance sale to shed some excess products for the holidays! These sale clearance discounts are some of our best ever, with some items now costing as little as $3.50! What a bargain! Getting your hands on our innovative tech products at such a low price is an amazing holiday gift. Read below about what some of these items on sale have to offer, and consider picking one up for yourself or your loved ones before

Buying Guide: Electric Wine Openers

If you’re in search of one of the best electric wine openers for all your date nights and house parties, then there are a handful of important things to keep in mind. Just about every electric wine bottle opener can get the job done in a pinch, but if you want a truly powerful and reliable tool that you can count on for a long time, then read on. Your new electric wine opener should have a sturdy design, one that will certainly last a long time. There shouldn’t be any fancy controls or setup pro

Buying Guide: Smart LED Light Bulbs

One of the best pair of smart LED light bulbs out there right now would be the AuraLED ColorDuo.

These ultra-bright bulbs are a versatile and energy-efficient lighting option for your home or office. They can instantly transform any indoor space with a personalized ambient glow!

The included wireless remote is a breeze to use, and lets you choose from 16 different colors. You can also customize the brightness, and even make the lights dance with four light rhythm patterns!

Lightweight and eas

What to Know Before Buying a New Speaker

The speakers with the best sound quality feature the ability to reproduce very low bass frequencies, mainly with the help of a subwoofer, as well as high-quality components and stable means of connecting to your desired device.

With an 8” subwoofer and 2” tweeter, the MegaBass LED Jobsite Speaker provides the bass and the boom for clear, rich, and powerful sound that other speakers can’t compare to. The large subwoofer produces some of the best low bass frequencies around, while the tweeter let

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