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How to Recover from the Loss of a Parent

Having to say goodbye to a parent can be one of the most painful and emotionally challenging experiences one will ever have. Whether it happens suddenly or over the course of many weeks, months, or even years, it’s always difficult to watch a parent pass away. It’s the type of loss that can fundamentally change you as an individual.

I remember the grief and disbelief I felt when my father passed away, back in the summer of 2019. He had Type 2 diabetes and end-stage heart failure…but he was ac
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How to Show Your Parents that You Love Them

No matter how old you are, it always feels good to show your parents how much they mean to you. Whether you haven’t seen them in a while, are going through a rough patch with them, or just want to make them feel loved and appreciated, there are plenty of simple ways to demonstrate your love for them.

Remember that your parents are human too, and they will almost certainly appreciate you showing them just a fraction of the love and care that they showed you as you grew up. That being said, eve

Why are Black Students More Likely to Struggle in School?

If you’re a Black parent and have noticed your child struggling in school, then it’s likely that many thoughts quickly crossed your mind. You may wonder if it’s an issue with one of your child’s teachers, or if there’s something going on in your child’s personal life that may be affecting their ability to learn. You may even consider the possibility of race being a factor.

The sad truth is that there are indeed some disparities in educational success that can be linked to racial discriminatio

The Benefits of Learning to Swim

There are many key skills that everyone should have, regardless of their age, race, or where they grew up. Having them can be the difference between life and death in extreme scenarios. One of them is, without a doubt, knowing how to swim.

Too many people end up passing away each year because they never learned how to swim. Unfortunately, Black individuals, especially children, seem to be among the most frequent groups to drown. Many Black children grow up in underfunded communities, or in f

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