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Jordan Fargo

I am an innovative Copywriter and Blogger with 2+ years of experience in digital content creation, as well as a Cornell University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing and Film. I specialize in writing engaging copy for online E-commerce product listings, packaging and manuals, as well as social media content, marketing presentations, and promotional video scripts, mainly in the tech, lifestyle, and health/fitness niches.

About Me


My name is Jordan Fargo, and I am currently a Copywriter and Blogger at Tzumi Electronics, a rapidly growing fitness/health and home electronics company. Here, I specialize in product packaging and manual copywriting, proofreading old materials, and creating website product listings, blogs and FAQs. I’m also responsible for writing educational and promotional videos for our products, as well as creating content for social media campaigns and sales presentations for Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, and more major retailers.

In addition, I am a Freelance Article Writer for Exceptionally Black, a startup website that provides valuable information for members of the Black community. I am also currently a Web Content Writer for Aimset, a startup tech platform that connects designers, developers, and other young professionals and helps them collaborate on projects together.

Honing my craft and learning something new every day is one of my biggest goals. As a recent graduate of Cornell University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Creative Writing, I have experimented with many forms of writing and want to create content that will truly improve people’s lives. I want people to actually remember what I write, and never forget the positive impact that it left on them.

Thanks so much for visiting my website! Hope you enjoy my content :)

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